• Avec la participation de mon acolyte adorée MC Baldassari !
    Photos : Fresh Paint - Under Pressure

  • En collaboration avec Osmoze & MC Baldassari ! Team de feu.

  • Avec la participation de mon acolyte adorée MC Baldassari !

  • Avec la participation du très talentueux Osmoze !

  • Lost gifs I never posted. Made from pics taken in Isle of Skye, Scotland.

  • Cadavre Exquis pour les Minutes from Aude Maeva on Vimeo.
    This is a fun little animation exercise that we created between five colleagues : each received the last frame of someone and created about 50 frames not knowing was the story was or will be. We then recorded the sound with a microphone in one shot, gathering everyone to see the animation for the first time.
    It was then submitted to Les Minutes Moment, a monthly experimental short film event.
  • Having carte blanche for the concept of this visual identity, I had the opportunity to collaborate yet again with the talented photographer Hannah Palmer. This sensual creation exploits the incredible contours of lucious silhouettes whilst leaving (little) bits to the imagination. Here are a few shooting samples :

    Here are the final posters and flyers :
    Project : Crush Party 2013 - Create visual identity, poster and flyers for the event Client : Fierté Montréal Pride
    Art Direction & concept : Aude Guivarc'h
    Photo Direction : Hannah Palmer
    Graphic composition : Aude Guivarc'h
    Thanks to the lovely and anonymous models. 

  • We just arrived in Vienna, and we're holding a team meeting/chillout in my room. I guess I felt liquid.
  • On one side, a traditional mermaid, full of mysteries, beauty and purity....
    On the other side, the inverted mermaid, raw, unraveled, beastly, precious...
    Where will your boat tip ? Port side ? Starboard ?
    Choose wisely.

  • Whilst travelling, wether it is for work or pleasure, my flute is always accompanying me. This week, the Sheraton hotel in Sofia, Bulgaria, revealed to have very interesting musical environments, like dome ceiling halls and façade balconies.
    I'll keep posting more impromptu flute moments in other places !

  • Every month, a bunch of people at work gather and draw under a certain thematic and print a little book of our collective creativeness. There theme this month : Monsters. Here is a little exercise combining my two favourite animals. Need I say more ?
    Bonus illustration, the Monstrum Vaginae  :

  • I animated a fun 3D scene for last winter's projection on the Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City.
    Checkout some details about the project !