• Arts in Australia 2009 : Prologue

    My student exchange at QUT, Brisbane, QLD Australia was, for me, artistically soothing. I was having, since my graduation from my visual arts studies, a raw craving for artistic fulfillment. So, being usually stuck with design or design related classes back home, I took the liberty to enrol in as many art classes that I could.

    The Kelvin Grove Faculty of arts had a vast and rich choice of interesting classes, that reminded me those sweet years of cegep (before university). So in enrolled in a drawing/painting class, a digital photography course and an animation and motion graphics class. The most interesting by far was the introduction to animation class, that opened me up to the wonderful and enlightening world of 2D animation, motion graphics, compositing, all baked with AFTER EFFECTS.

    Video Bonanza to come.

    This is a pic of my setup in my Queenslander share house.

    Preparing my layers for the video Ink on Bachelorette.