• Interactive Painting : RBG//CMY

    I was offered a contract to build the concept and create the visual identity of an all girl party during gay pride, with Fierté Montréal. Between designing the graphic identity of the event, planning the interior of the venue and preparing a video installation, I also created this interactive illustration, front lit by an RGB spot.

    The artwork represents the three stages of passion :
    Yellow = The Kiss
    Magenta = The Skin
    Cyan = The Orgasm

    Appart from being enjoyed in daylight, this artwork was made to interact with the different colours it is lit with. I used the subtractive colour system as a canvas (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow)  so that these colours would be isolated by their opposing additive colour.
    My main inspiration was Carnovsky's work on the RBG exhibition.

    Enjoy !


    Original illustration
    Simulation of the artwork when lit with a light sequencing a red, green and blue light 

    Stay tuned for more info as I continue to explore the concept and develop portable ways to view this mutating piece.